April 14, 2011
Forgotten Quebec City show is found!
We've done a lot of research over the years on shows the Pixies played just before and around the release of Come On Pilgrim. The rumblings of a forgotten show in Quebec City turned to a roar this week with our return to the city. Thanks to all for the comments on Facebook that led us to this recording of the long lost September 15, 1987 show at Bar L'Ombre Jaune.

This is show number 8 in the tour archive, recorded the same month the Pixies debut EP was released on cassette by Elektra Records.

The (half) setlist has been updated in the tour archive: September 15, 1987

The Pixies - Live Qu├ębec 1987 by patbergeron

Many thanks to Patrick Bergeron for posting this recording.

Do you remember shows that aren't in the tour archive? Please let us know! Add your comments here or on Facebook.

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